Use Drone To Shoot Live DJ Footage To Promote Your DJing

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently on ways to promote myself and my DJing. One of the ideas I really liked is to make videos, but they always look amateurish and the same as all the others. Then it hit me. I need to get a drone with a high quality camera. That way I can shoot footage from really cool angles and it would make me stand out from all the other DJs with their boring videos.

DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter drone flying

I read a lot of reviews on a bunch of different websites that covered all of the best drones on the market. It is amazing how many of them there are. Some come with cameras and some don’t. The ones that don’t, you need to buy the camera additionally, so you need to pay attention to that. I wanted one with a high quality 4K video camera so that I could shoot high definition video of it flying above myself during a gig.

Naturally, I needed to get a DJ gig that was outside. Flying a drone inside is just too risky. Not only can you hurt people, you can also damage your drone. But outside you can fly high and swoop in and you can do a lot of really cool things. You get some great angles. I got one of my best friends who already knows how to fly drones and is very good at it to do the flying and recording.

Since this is for my professional career, I decided to spend a lot of money and get one of the best drones on the market. I got the DJI Inspire 2 quadcopter. It cost me several thousand dollars with a high quality camera, but it is totally worth it, now that I have seen the video results.

My friend started out in the distance and flew in and it looks so cool as you sweep closer to me as I’m DJing. Then he circled around and got me from all angles.

I did the editing myself and sliced together all the various angles and swoops and things that he shot. He took footage from a couple of different shows even, so there is some at night and some during the daytime and some during good weather and some during rain.

I made sure to tell him to take a lot of photos and videos of the crowd too. I especially wanted the times when I dropped the beat and they went crazy for me. That is the kind of footage that makes me look really cool.

A quadcopter in the air

The DJI inspired drone captured this in high quality 4K video and it looks incredible. You know those videos you often see on YouTube of drones flying over cities? Is that level of quality.

I’m not telling you that you also need to get yourself a quad copter drone. There a lot of other things you can do to stand out, but for me, my new quadcopter has worked very well. It has allowed me to get kind of cool video footage that other DJs don’t have and that has really made me stand apart. When I show people that footage of me playing gigs, they get excited to have me play for them. That footage has got me a lot of jobs DJing that I would have never gotten without it.

For that reason, I can safely say that the money I spent on my quadcopter drone has been completely worth it. Everything I spent, I have made back multiple times in new gigs. I have also used my drone to shoot footage for some other DJs and made money from that. So now I am no longer just a DJ, I am also a DJ videographer. It is amazing what buying that quad copter drone has actually done for my career. It has changed my entire career path, I guess.


I go by the name DJ Tomboy