Welcome to DJ Tomboy’s New Website

There are certain names in the DJ world that we are all familiar with. Everyone knows Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, David Guetta, Digweed, Sasha, Armin Van Buuren and others. These DJs have made it big and they command huge paychecks to spin their music at clubs and parties. This website has little to do with those guys. This site is all about DJ tomboy.

I highly doubt you’ve heard of this guy and you’ve definitely never heard him spin. But I know Tom well, very well, in fact. There’s a reason for that. I am DJ tomboy. Nice to meet you.

Dj equipment setup
A common DJ setup

I’m actually not just a DJ, but also a producer. And I was a pretty good trumpet player in my youth, too. These days I mostly DJ and I make a lot of my own tracks. When I play at clubs, these days I usually spin only songs I have created myself. I might be adding my own singing voice to my songs soon, too. I have a decent following in my local area, but I have not made it big. Yet. I do think my music is good enough and many people have said the same. I just think I need to get the word out more. I’m not good at marketing myself as a DJ, but I have been reading up on how to do that and this website is actually a first step in that direction. It turns out that making a DJ website is pretty damn easy.

I plan to eventually put a lot of my tracks on here and offer them as free downloads. I also hope to have some of my mixes on here so that people can see what I can do and maybe I will get hired at a few clubs outside my area. I’m even contemplating selling my produced tracks through this website, but that will come later. First I need to offer them for free to help get the word out.

Another thing I hope to do someday is to have videos of me DJing on here and also videos that teach people how to become a DJ. Again, I will probably offer these for free, but I might switch and charge for them later. Once I become a world-famous DJ, it only makes sense to profit off of it a little bit. Until then, you will have access to my knowledge for free.

The biggest challenge I face on this website, apart from learning how to do all the website creation stuff, which I can tell will take a very long time, is the marketing. Of course, creating the materials will not be easy. I plan to do everything myself, so I have to learn how to create and edit videos (which nowadays includes drone footage, so I had to also learn how to fly a quadcopter!) how to take photos, how to record MP3s and how to get all of that up on my website. Eventually I have to figure out how to charge money for these and make them available only to people who have paid. If this sounds like an insurmountable task to you, I don’t disagree. I have no idea how I’m going to do all of this. It has taken me months just to get this ugly website up.

The first step I need to take next, is to make my website look better. I need to work on my programming skills and create a quality DJ website that makes people want to stay and listen to my music and check out my videos and learn how to DJ from me. Once I have managed to make my site look more appealing, then I need to work on the marketing so that more people get to see my more appealing site. Again, I have no idea how to do this, but I’m currently reading a whole bunch of books and also websites on internet marketing. I have learned a lot, but it almost seems like I have learned too much. I try to do so many things at once and end up doing none of them to completion. I’m starting to lose hope a little bit, but I’m still pretty confident that you will soon see a quality DJ website in this space.